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Hello #OpenLearning17

I’m excited to join the party at Open Learning: A Connectivist MOOC for Faculty Collaboratives. While I’ve been blogging for the last couple of years at Digital Pedagogy @ Austin College, I’ve inexplicably put off writing and speaking in a space that is truly my own, in a voice that is truly my own. The hypocrisy of it, to be honest, is that I encourage my faculty colleagues and our students to claim their own online domains, to think and write and work in public, to blog and to create in an open connected network. Even though I wasn’t really doing it myself!

For whatever reason, the chance to be a part of this course has broken through my inertia and resistance. Especially after hearing Gardner Campbell’s recent keynote at the OU Academic Tech Expo (video coming soon!) and catching his interviews with Laura Gogia, I felt that now was “the acceptable time” to make the leap. I’m grateful that you guys have opened the course to those of us beyond your fair state of Virginia.

Looking forward to learning with all of you…and welcoming any advice and suggestions for shaping up this here blog and website!



Happy (Associative) Trails To You, Revisited


  1. Now is the time! Welcome aboard. We’re very glad to have you.

    • Morris Pelzel

      Thanks Steve…grateful that the Virginia crew has set up the course this way, even allowing Texans like myself to come along :)

  2. Mo, I’m beyond delighted–truly thrilled–to hear your voice and witness your presence in this community. Welcome! I’m confident I will continue to learn from you. And I am grateful.

    • Morris Pelzel

      Thanks so much, Gardner, for the inspiration to jump in. Looking forward to discovering many insights with you…and perhaps even some “insight into insight” :)

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